If you are looking for a repair that isn’t listed, please inquire for a quote.

Basic work –

Restring Guitar / Bass : $20
Clean guitar, restring and tune.
(price does not include strings)
*add $15 for Classical/nylon string acoustics, 12 string guitars and Floyd rose systems.

Set up : $70
We take pride in our very detailed and thorough guitar and bass setups. An instrument’s setup makes all the difference in its performance, playability, and tone. Our setup process includes: De-oxidize and polish metal frets, fingerboard oil/conditioning (rosewood or ebony), fingerboard cleaning (maple fretboard), truss rod adjustments to set proper “relief” in neck, string action set to customer’s tastes, intonation is set to ensure entire instrument is in tune, not just the open notes, pickup heights are set, bridge saddles are adjusted to match fingerboard radius, check/tighten all parts, saddle and string nut lubrication, clean guitar, spray any noisy electronics if applicable. Check internal bracing of acoustic instruments.
-Add $10 for 12-string guitars
-Add $15 for Floyd Rose equipped guitars.
(price does not include strings)

New String Nut :
$55 if preshaped (corian) – will be filed and slotted for final fit.
$80 if made from scratch (blank bone). We work with bone, or synthetic bone material at customer’s request – not with cheap plastic.
$100 12-string bone nut from scratch.
*add setup, +$40

New acoustic compensated saddle :
$55 if preshaped (corian or bone) – will be filed and compensated for intonation and final fit.
$70 if made from scratch (blank bone). We work with bone, or synthetic bone material at customer’s request – not with cheap plastic.
*add setup, +$45

Wiring & Electronics –

Full wiring (pickups, pots, jack, switches, etc) : $85-125 + parts, depending on model of guitar.
Includes soldering and cleaning of all internal electronic parts.

Replace pickups only : $40-75 depending on model of guitar

Replace / rewire output jack only : $20 + part

Replace pots or switches only : $35 and up + part depending on model of guitar.

*add $20 to all ES-335 or F-Hole type bodies

Acoustic guitar pickup installation : Starting at $50
*add setup, +$40

Fret work –

Polish and buff frets, smooth, and groom rough fret edges : $65

Level, crown, dress, polish aka “grind and polish” :
$180 entire neck, includes setup
$75 and up (partial-if uneven frets are at higher register)
-Frets are leveled even, reshaped round, then dressed and highly polished for smooth, buzz free playing. Frets will be like new, and buttery smooth.

Re-fret starting at: $475 (rosewood , unbound neck), $525 (maple neck, or neck with binding) –
-Re-fret generally includes a full deluxe set up

* Partial re-frets are also available – priced per specific repair.
* all Re-fret work is done with a fret press – like most modern factories, for best fit.
* deposit required for full re-frets

Repair –

Crack repair : Starting at $25

Bracing repair / replacement : Starting at $45

Binding repair / replacement : Starting at $60

Broken headstock repair : Typically $85-250+ depending on cosmetic options.

Acoustic guitar bridge re-glue :
$60 if partial work.
$130 full removal, cleaning, re-glue.

Acoustic Bridge leveling/saddle adjustment : $85

Acoustic guitar bridge replacement (factory pre made bridge) : $125 plus bridge.

Acoustic guitar bridge replacement / copy (handmade from scratch) : $275+

Acoustic bridge plate damage repair : Starting at $45

Acoustic guitar bridge plate replacement : $350+

Finish restoration, buffing, and touch ups : Starting at $75

Acoustic guitar neck reset : Starting at $650
Neck is steam removed and and reset for lower action. Includes full setup/possible fret/ string nut work.
*deposit required

* Major restoration work on vintage acoustic instruments is priced per project. All estimates are free.

Custom –

We now offer custom CNC Milling of instrument repair related projects starting at $70 for machine setup and tooling if you provide your own CAD files. We can refer you to an expert CAD designer if you need complex 3d designs, such as custom guitar necks, etc. Larger parts such as guitar Necks and Bodies
are $170 per project for tooling + any materials such as lumber.

Bass or Guitar, fretted to fret less conversion : $300-450+
-Frets are removed, fingerboard is leveled and radius set, empty fret slots are filled with plastic binding or wood veneer flush against the fingerboard.
(includes full set up)
*deposit required

Replace tuners : $35-65

Install Bigsby vibrato system : $50
*add setup, +$45

* Many more custom modifications available, please inquire.

* Discounts available for combined repairs, returning customers, and multiple guitars from same customer.
Please inquire.

(All prices listed are for quotation purposes only. Prices may change upon review of instrument and do not include any additional parts that may be necessary. All costs and details are approved by client before work is started.)

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